System Monitoring and Maintenance

System Monitoring and Maintenance

System Monitoring and Maintenance are the two critical factors that determine the highest return on investment from your Renewable Energy System. Given the correct maintenance programme, a professionally installed system is designed to last 25 problem-free years. However, like any electrical or mechanical equipment, periodic inspection and regular maintenance is required to ensure peak performance.

Fortunately Solterra Cape/West Coast systems can be equipped with the most up-to-date web based online monitoring. Not only for our clients to view the efficiency of their system on an ongoing basis, but also to assist our engineers with troubleshooting any issues that could arise.

To make it easy on our clients we offer a long-term periodic maintenance programme to visit the installation as per the manufacturers recommendations. Carry out a complete inspection, ensure the all components are correctly installed, test the functionality of the system, make any small adjustments required to optimise the overall performance and general maintenance as required.

System Monitoring

The Solterra Cape/West Coast Portal is a web-based service for storing and displaying the performance data of your solar power system. Data is transferred to the portal via the Internet or via email when data control software is used.

Performance data is uploaded to the internet via the Solterra Portal and is displayed graphically on any device or computer. Users can customise the type of information displayed as well as the format of the graphs.

The Solterra Cape/West Coast Portal is compatible with our primary supplier’s inverters and is offered as a service.

The Solterra Cape/West Coast Portal allows you to view your system performance at any time from any web browser, from anywhere in the world!

System Maintenance

Let our experts take care of your systems from installation to decommissioning. We do offer an ongoing periodical service and a maintenance contract. Ask one of the representatives to discuss the various options available to you.

Consulting beforehand and communicating with our clients throughout the entire Turnkey Project is critical to receive smooth and hassle free results.

Solterra System Maintenance and Monitoring Online Portal

Web service for System Monitoring and Maintenance.

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12 Sep, 2016