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“We do not compromise on quality, we only offer the best in class products.”


Solterra was born out of a need and wish to address South Africa’s energy crisis. We understand that in order to bring about the changes required in the South African energy landscape we needed a highly specialized commercial and residential product. South Africa faces a massive shortage when it comes to experienced, competent and technically sound energy consultants. Solterra aim to fill this void. We are the fastest growing renewable energy consultancy in Southern Africa, offering the public consistent, trustworthy solutions nationally.

With head office accountability, ethical standards and integrity we do not only exist to sell products – we exist because we are a group of individuals who believe in making a significant difference. We undertake comprehensive client engagement in order to understand their requirements, making the correct recommendations, ensuring that sustainable and accurate solutions are provided. We do not compromise on quality, and will only offer the best in class products, matched with industry leading design and implementation.

The Difference

This is where our clients benefit most by Solterra CAPE / WEST COAST being part of a larger countrywide network of 27 owner managed franchises guided & managed through a head office. The lessons learnt from over 12 000 systems installed nationally are invaluable when it comes to our service and installations.

Our Team

We are a national network of owner managed franchises, Solterra CAPE / WEST COAST is guided and managed through a head office. Thus ensuring peace of mind for the consumer. We have put together an exceptional team of experienced experts to lead and guide our network. Taking care of everything from network expansion, supply chain, engineering, projects, energy efficiency and gain share models right through to installation.

"What is Renewable Energy?"

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources—such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat—which are renewable (naturally replenished). Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity/micro hydro, biomass and biofuels for transportation.


Solterra CAPE / WEST COAST offer a broad range of sustainable “green” solutions

Energy audits

Solar Power Systems

Solar Water Geysers


Heat Pumps

So how is my grid supplied electricity supply being consumed?

The key to a successful Renewable Energy System is to take an analytical approach & deep technical understanding of the objectives before the design phase of the project can begin.

To this end Solterra CAPE / WEST COAST utilises the most advanced electrical data capturing, logging, software & test equipment on the market to fully understand the clients exact requirements before a system design is carried out.

By carrying out an ENERGY AUDIT, capturing the data, analysing & using the information in the system design ensures a suitable outcome is achieved.

Energy audits:

  Pinpoint energy consumers individually

  Propose alternatives for inefficient consumers

  Understand client requirements

  Propose solutions that will match requirements

Consulting beforehand & communicating with our clients throughout the entire TURNKEY PROJECT is critical to a smooth and hassle free end result.

Plan the work . . .

Renewable Energy System Design is very much determined on a case by case basis. The detailed information gained by  Energy Audits, architectural constraints, property orientation, available roof space & alignment, client preferences, financial constraints, solar system types & many more factors all play a part in the final design.

In order to ensure correct design outcomes, Solterra CAPE / WEST COAST engineers utilise a market leading Software Design Package that has been developed by the top Photovoltaic (PV) Engineers in South Africa for Sub Sahara Africa’s unique conditions. This software minimises risk of system failures & optimises the cost per Kw.h to our clients.

Hardware & software products used in our designs are of the highest quality. All products have the longest expected lifespan in the market & meet, or exceed international & local legislative requirements.

Key Design Elements:

  Ensuring Correct energy requirements

  Engineering know-how

  Understanding Sub Sahara Africa’s unique design challenges

  Fully understand our clients requirements

  Correct product specification for application

  Cost effective design

  Non-intrusive & elegant aesthetic design

. . . Work the plan

The complexities of project managing a successful installation involves the input of multiple disciplines. Our system engineers, designers, supervisors, working at height specialists, various trade persons, highly skilled electrical commissioning technicians & local council / insurance company Certificate of Compliance (COC) approved  technicians have all benefited from the skills transfer gained from previous installations. As a company this on the job training is a key management focal point.


Benefits of considering Solterra CAPE / WEST COAST as your preferred installation specialist:

  Incredible industry experience and understanding

  We boast the largest product portfolio and most intelligent system design and engineering in RSA

  Largest collection of industry intellect in Africa

  Fastest growing Solar Energy consultancy in South Africa

  Preferred network by existing industry players

  Taking the stance that quality and understanding cannot be ignored

  Over 12000 successful domestic installations

  A brand that has proven business systems

  A brand that has the intellect and experience from years of leading the way

  More importantly we engage with the client in a highly professional & competent manner

  A brand that is not just about product, but rather about solutions

  Get it right first time – every time

How to maximise the performance of your renewable energy investment.

System Monitoring & Maintenance are the two critical factors that determine the highest return on investment from your Renewable Energy System. Given the correct maintenance programme, a professionally installed system is designed to last 25 problem free years. However, like any electrical or mechanical equipment, periodic inspection & regular maintenance is required to ensure peak performance.

Fortunately Solterra CAPE / WEST COAST systems can be equipped with the most up to date web based on-line monitoring. Not only for our clients to view the efficiency of their system on an ongoing basis, but also assist our engineers troubleshoot any issues should they arise.

To make it easy on our clients we offer a long-term periodic maintenance programme to visit the installation as per the manufacturers recommendations. Carry out a complete inspection, ensure the all components are correctly installed, test the functionality of the system, make any small adjustments required to optimise the overall performance & general maintenance as required.

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