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Sustainable ‘green’ energy solutions

Solterra CAPE/WEST COAST offer a broad range of sustainable ‘green’ energy solutions.


Solterra Cape/West Coast offers energy audits to customers looking to understand their energy consumption patterns and ultimately how to save on energy costs. Through an energy audit, energy hungry appliances and poor energy behaviour patterns can be identified and corrected. Energy audits not only identify savings for clients, they also assist in building a Solar Solution which is truly costomised to the clients energy demands to prevent building oversized systems.


Solterra Cape/West Coast’s range of solar power solutions will enable you to have the most energy efficient and cost effective home, or commercial solar power system. We achieve this through combining best-in-class products with some of the leading minds in the industry. We also pride ourselves on using premium components which are imported from leaders in the solar energy field, including SMA Solar Technology (Germany), Victron Energy (Holland), Sunlight (Greece), and Canadian Solar.

We believe in designing sustainable solutions that will meet your needs, including:

  • cost saving
  • backup power or,
  • complete energy independence

Plus remote access technology enables you to monitor, manage and service your system – giving you peace of mind, increased efficiencies and cost-saving on unnecessary call-out fees.

The opportunities and and solutions are endless and because each and every system we design is built for our client’s purposes, you will always get what you are looking for.


Solterra Cape/West Coast offers a variety of solar geyser options, including the best of both local and international brands.

Our choice of solar geysers will give you:

  • energy efficiencies: save an average of 40% on electricity every month
  • consistent hot water
  • longer warrants and minimum service requirements
  • peace of mind: products are SABS approved, aesthetically appealing and suitable for all roof types.


Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are solid state lights and offer low energy lighting. This lighting has many advantages over the lighting you are currently most likely using in your home or business.

This includes:

  • being mercury free
  • not flickering
  • it offers a full spectrum light which is the closest you can get to natural light.

However, the main advantage is that of your pocket! LEDs use a fraction of the power of conventional lighting and still offer you a superior quality of light. You use 70% less power with a complete swap out and can therefor save 70% on the cost of lighting in your business or home.


Solterra Cape/West Coast offers a broad range of heat pump solutions, including covering residential and commercial applications as well as swimming pool applications.

Benefits include:

  • saving two-thirds of your water heating costs every day
  • heats water day or night, rain or shine
  • no panels are put on roofs or exposed glass that can break
  • eco-friendly, remote-controlled and easy to install

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12 Sep, 2016