HouseCheck chooses Solterra

HouseCheck Chooses Solterra as Preferred Energy Audit Provider

Solterra Cape/West Coast is proud to be associated with HouseCheck as an energy audit service provider! HouseCheck is one of the leading property and home inspection companies in South Africa, and just like us, they take both the environment and your money seriously.

HouseCheck has always provided independent property inspection reports, and now as the world moves towards solar, it makes sense to also include energy audits of the property so that we can recommend appropriate money-saving renewable solutions for you.

Why energy audits are important

Did you know that being energy efficient isn’t only good for the environment; it’s also great for your pocket? This is why we stress the importance of an energy audit. Through an energy audit, problematic appliances, machinery and process plant and systems that use too much energy can be identified and corrected.

Becoming energy efficient doesn’t only involve doing things like replacing your geyser with a solar geyser, or changing to solar air conditioners, or the types of light bulbs in your home, or the timers on solar geysers or swimming pool pumps. It could also mean changing your tariff plan with your supplier, and saving a ton of money over the years!

You could be making an estimate saving of just R63 650 on utility bills over seven years, which is R600 a month with annual increases of just 8%. We all know that Eskom increases have been between 9 and 15% for the last few years, so this savings projection is conservative.

With an energy audit we give you the power to make the decisions. By giving you a detailed report showing you where your largest energy consumption is and what usage patterns the home has, you can identify the areas that need the most attention when you renovate or move in.

The benefits of an energy audit are:

1. It ensures the correct billing tariff is selected
2. It increases home resale value and marketability
3. It uncovers hidden problems
4. It protects the environment

Read more about the benefits here

Contact HouseCheck for an energy audit as part of your property inspection project: Tel: 0861 77 44 77


14 Sep, 2016